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To innovate and develop new tech with sustainability in mind

Continuous rapid innovations and technological advances occur within IT, something rarely seen in other areas. To be successful in this area, one must stay constantly updated, as innovations can sometimes be ambiguous and can either lead to sustainable benefits or big losses. Including sustainability as a factor when evaluating options, such as when comparing streamed data with locally saved data or blockchain with database solutions, can often result in beneficial results for everyone involved.

Questions to ask

Do you use technology and innovation to actively reduce your carbon footprint or energy consumption?

Do you include the sustainability aspect in decisions regarding the introduction of new technologies in your company e.g. AI and blockchain (which require large amounts of data or computational capacity)?

Do you contribute with innovation and new technology in order to create sustainable IT?

 Vad säger dagens CIO:er om AI och hållbarhet?

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"Små AI-modeller får ibland mindre uppmärksamhet, men de kan ofta leverera stor nytta. Nya metoder för att optimera processorkraften kan göra det värdefullt att överväga mindre och i sin tur energisnålare AI-modeller."

Articles & reports on new tech & innovation

The carbon impact of artificial intelligence


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Sustainable AI: AI for sustainability and the sustainability of AI

Vetenskaplig artikel

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Climate Change AI


Climate Change AI is a global non-profit that catalyzes impactful work at the intersection of climate change and machine learning.

Tackling Climate Change With Machine Learning

Vetenskaplig artikel

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