About CIOCO2

The CIOCO2 initiative is driven by NOX Consulting and has two primary purposes; to increase awareness of the climate impact that digitalization represents and to provide concrete tools to help IT organizations become sustainable. The initiative is also about creating a platform for CIOs to learn from each other and join forces in the journey towards a more sustainable world. It is ingrained in the backbone of the IT industry to collaborate and build common standards to evolve as quickly as possible. The habit, generosity, and willingness to collaborate that is already established within IT gives us the confidence that this initiative can make a difference - when we all do it together.

The industry initiative was founded in 2021 by Pernilla Ramslöv, CEO of NOX Consulting, Maria Hjorth, IT Manager of NOX Consulting, Calle Schultz, Head of Customer Solution Management at AWS, and Cecilia Hjertzell, Marketing Manager/Sustainability Manager at T.Loop, with the goal of supporting a sustainable IT industry and reducing the climate footprint of the ICT sector. Behind the initiative, there is support from research and many years of expertise within both the IT and energy industries.

Du you have questions about the initiative? Reach out to us on hej@cioco2.com