Data storage & its environmental impact

Companies and individuals globally are storing more and more data, and it is estimated that by 2022 we will collectively create approximately 2.5 quintillion (2.5 * 10^30) bytes daily. (earthweb). This data is stored on devices, servers and in the cloud, and not all data that is stored is actually used after its creation/first use and in some cases not at all; so-called "dark data".

Getting a handle on what data you store, where and how it's stored, how long it's stored, and for what purpose is not only positive from the aspect that if you store less data, you need less electricity and less hardware, but it is also positive from an economic and information security standpoint.

Questions to ask

Have you mapped the data you collect and why?

Do you have policys for cleaning all data that is collected and stored?

Do you have a clear process over where which type of data should be stored?

Articles & reports about storage

Future energy infrastructure, energy platform and energy storage

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