Let sustainability become a fundamental part of the culture​

The culture of a company is in many ways a large and complex issue and is often influenced by many different factors. Culture, regardless of origin and changes over time, affects everything from hiring to choice of partners, innovation processes, work environment, meeting structures, and travel habits. Allowing sustainability to become a natural part of corporate culture will mean that all decisions are made with consideration.

Questions to ask

Is there an awareness in the organization of what your sustainability work looks like?

How do you work to create engagement around sustainability and IT?

Is it easy or difficult for your employees to make environmentally conscious decisions?

 Svenska spels CIO Mikael Franzén om lärdomar, utmaningar & prioriteringar när man bygger en kultur med hållbar IT i fokus

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"Det viktiga är att varje medarbetare förstår hur de kan vara med och bidra"

Mikael Franzén • CIO på Svenska Spel

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