The possibilites & challanges with cloud

The cloud can seem like a quite abstract concept to many, but in theory, it's actually very simple. Instead of all companies having their own server, server rooms have been created that many companies and individuals can connect to and utilize hard drives, CPUs, and GPUs when they are needed without having to own, manage and update the hardware themselves.

From a sustainability perspective, the cloud has proven to be both economically more sustainable as well as environmentally better, but signs show that the abstract nature of the cloud and the fact that it is easy and cheap to store large amounts of data tend to make us "hide and forget in the cloud". So how much better is the cloud really and are there any dark downsides one should take into account?

Questions to ask

Was sustainability a factor in the decision on which cloud provider you have?

 Do you know what electricity your cloud provider uses for the server hall/halls?

Do you know where in the world your cloud provider's server halls are located?

Articles & reports on cloud

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