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Digitalization is one of our most powerful tools for creating a sustainable future, but to avoid creating new climate challenges we need to digitalize sustainably. That's why CIOCO2 exists. We offer services, knowledge & tools to get started with sustainable IT.

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CIOCO2 Digital Conference 2024!

24 OKTOBER 8.00-10.00

Develop your business using our toolbox

In our toolbox, we gather knowledge, inspiration, practical applications, and other tools that can help you on your way to  sustainable IT 

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This is how we can help you get started

Inspirational intro lecture

Do you need a kickstart to awaken understanding and engagement around the sustainability issue within IT? Our inspirational lecture helps you to create insight about sustainable IT and how you can make a difference. 


Do you want to participate in building sustainable IT organizations in the role of project manager or developer? Our workshops are designed to strengthen your decision-making in technology and architecture with a strong focus on environmental sustainability.

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Sustainability assessment 

Are you unsure how to start and develop your sustainability work within IT? Together we will analyze where your business is and provide tools for the journey ahead. 

CIOs who, together with us, want to drive change towards a more sustainable IT industry

Do as 100+ other CIOs, join the network here for free.

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